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          Hot line Consulting Line:


           Dongying Xinbang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise specialized in researching and producing biaxial stretch polyimide film (PI). The company is founded in Nov.2007,named of Dong Ying Disai Xinbang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,  located in Dongying economic and technological development zone(national grade), and our company ranks top in the field in both company scale and technical strength. Our company has successively gained many honorary titles, such as Provincial Keeping Contract & Ccreditable Enterprise, City Scientific and Technological Enterprise, Enterprise Management Advanced Company, City Top Ten Army-support Enterprise. Located in 1st grade industrial park, our main product is biaxial stretched polyimide film(PI) and the products sells to eastern China, southern China famous enterprises. The application is in FPC, aerospace, wires, cellphone, computor and other industries, which is called “Golden Film”. We stick to the strategy of “The enterprise of science and technology” , and pay attention to the important work of enhancing market competition, and gain the ability of products’ R & D and strong technical force. What’s more, our company lays emphasis on the knowledge update of technicians, and employs oversea expert for technology consultant, which makes our product first-class level in China. The satisfaction of customers is our target. Super quality and competitive price is our commitment to users. We would take different friends’ hands and make a better future together.  

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